familiaire dissectie van cervicale arterie (aandoening)
familiaire dissectie van cervicale arterie
erfelijke CAD
hereditaire cervicale arteriƫle dissectie
Familial cervical artery dissection
Familial CAD (cervical artery dissection)
Hereditary CAD (cervical artery dissection)
Hereditary cervical artery dissection
A rare genetic neurological disorder with characteristics of dissection of the cervical artery in various members of a single family, presenting with variable manifestations which range from asymptomatic to the triad of ipsilateral pain in the head, neck, and face, Horner syndrome and cerebral or retinal ischemic symptoms. Headache and cerebral ischemic features are most frequently observed.
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TermAneurysma en dissectie van arteria vertebralis
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AdviceALWAYS I72.6
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