seborroe-achtige dermatitis met psoriasiforme elementen (aandoening)
seborroe-achtige dermatitis met psoriasiforme elementen
Seborrhea-like dermatitis with psoriasiform elements
A rare genetic epidermal disorder with characteristics of a chronic diffuse fine scaly erythematous rash on the face (predominantly the chin, nasolabial folds, eyebrows) around the earlobes and over the scalp, associated with hyperkeratosis over elbows, knees, palms, soles and metacarpophalangeal joints, in the absence of associated rheumatological or neurological disorders. Cold weather, emotional stress and strenuous physical activity may exacerbate symptoms. There is evidence the disease is caused by mutation in the ZNF750 gene.
Associated morphologyinflammatoire morfologie
Finding sitestructuur van epidermis
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TermOverige gespecificeerde vormen van eczeem
SNOMED CT to Orphanet simple map168606
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AdviceALWAYS L30.8
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