Carpenter-Waziri-syndroom (aandoening) DEPRECATED
syndroom van Carpenter-Waziri
Carpenter Waziri syndrome
An X-linked mental retardation syndrome belonging to the group of conditions with manifestations of intellectual deficit with hypotonic facies. Prevalence is unknown but the syndrome was originally described in 1988 in six males from three generations of one family. In the affected males the syndrome has characteristics of coarse facial appearance (prominent lips, bushy eyebrows, widely-spaced teeth, and a broad and depressed nasal bridge with a wide nasal tip), brachydactyly with widening of the distal phalanges, short stature and moderate intellectual deficit. The syndrome is caused by mutations in the ATRX gene (Xq13.3).The syndrome is transmitted as an X-linked recessive trait with skewed X-inactivation in carrier females.
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