structuur van holte en/of inhoud van pelvis minor (lichaamsstructuur)
structuur van holte en/of inhoud van pelvis minor
holte en/of inhoud van pelvis minor
holte en/of inhoud van kleine bekken
Intra-pelvic structure of true pelvis
Structure of cavity and/or content of true pelvis
This structure comprises the space and content within the boundaries of the cavity of the true pelvis (also known as the cavity of the minor or lesser pelvis) but excludes the walls that define and enclose the space. Previously SNOMED CT used the word 'compartment' to describe structures comprising the cavity and content but FMA has used the same word to include cavity, content and wall. As a consequence, the preferred notation is intra-abdominopelvic structure as this more clearly excludes the 'wall' structures. The intra-pelvic structure is bounded by, but excludes the following 'wall' structures: superiorly the superior pelvic aperture; inferiorly the inferior aperture of true pelvis and pelvic diaphragm; and laterally the pelvic wall. Note, the structures that form the boundaries are excluded. The content includes the urinary bladder, sigmoid colon (although it is acknowledged that this is mobile and sits in a variable location), rectum, anal canal, pelvic segment of ureter and the retropubic and presacral space; the female pelvis also includes the ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus, vagina, female urethra, soft tissues including the broad ligament and the retrouterine pouch of Douglas.; the male true pelvis also includes the prostate, male urethra, seminal vesicles, soft tissues including the pubovesical and puboprostatic ligaments and the retrovesical space.