structuur van abdominopelviene holte en/of inhoud (lichaamsstructuur)
structuur van abdominopelviene holte en/of inhoud
abdominopelviene holte en/of inhoud
holte en/of inhoud van buik- en bekken
Intra-abdominopelvic structure
Structure of abdominopelvic cavity and/or content
This structure comprises the space and content within the boundaries of the abdominopelvic cavity but excludes the walls that define and enclose the space. Previously SNOMED CT used the word 'compartment' to describe structures comprising the cavity and content but FMA has used the same word to include cavity, content and wall. As a consequence, the preferred notation is intra-abdominopelvic structure as this more clearly excludes the 'wall' structures. The intra-abdominopelvic structure is bounded by, but excludes the following 'wall' structures: superiorly the thoracic diaphragm; inferiorly the pelvic diaphragm; anteriorly the anterior abdominal wall (including the lateral abdominal wall); and posteriorly the wall of the abdominal proper segment of trunk. The pelvic component consists of the cavity and content of the true pelvis, which is bounded by the pelvic wall. Note, the structures that form the boundaries are excluded.