structuur van holte van pelvis major (lichaamsstructuur)
structuur van holte van pelvis major
holte van grote bekken
holte van pelvis major
Cavity of false pelvis
Structure of cavity of false pelvis
Cavity of greater pelvis
Pelvis major cavity
The cavity, also known as the cavity of the major or greater pelvis, is bounded by, but excludes: superiorly an artificial plane that extends from the symphysis pubis to the superior iliac crests; and inferiorly the superior pelvic aperture. It is bounded on either side by the ilium; and in front it is incomplete, presenting a wide interval between the anterior borders of the ilia. It forms the inferior volume of the abdomen proper cavity, which includes a number of parts of structures of the intra-abdominal proper e.g. historically the cavity of false pelvis has been described as containing the 'iliac colon' which is a segment of the descending colon within the volume of the false pelvis. Note, the contents and structures that form the boundaries are excluded from the cavity.
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