laat optredende focale dermale elastose (aandoening)
laat optredende focale dermale elastose
laat optredende PXE-achtige focale dermale elastose
Late-onset focal dermal elastosis
Pseudoxanthoma-like late-onset focal dermal elastosis
PXE (pseudoxanthoma elasticum) like late-onset focal dermal elastosis
A rare acquired dermis elastic tissue disorder with characteristics of a pseudoxanthoma elasticum-like papular eruption consisting of multiple, slowly progressive, asymptomatic, 2-5 mm, white to yellowish, non-follicular papules (that tend to form cobblestone plaques) predominantly distributed over the neck, axillae and flexural areas, with no systemic involvement. Skin biopsy reveals a focal increase of normal-appearing elastic tissue in the reticular dermis with no calcium deposits.
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AdviceALWAYS L57.4
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