'semicircular canal dehiscence'-syndroom (aandoening)
'semicircular canal dehiscence'-syndroom
syndroom van dehiscentie van canalis semicircularis
Semicircular canal dehiscence syndrome
A rare otorhinolaryngologic disease with characteristics of the unilateral or bilateral dehiscence of the bone(s) overlying the superior (most common), lateral or posterior semicircular canal(s). Patients present audiological (autophony, aural fullness, conductive hearing loss, pulsatile tinnitus) and/or vestibular symptoms (sound or pressure-evoked oscillopsia or vertigo, characteristic vertical-torsional eye movements), depending on which semicircular canal is affected. Posterior SCD syndrome is associated with high-riding jugular bulb and fibrous dysplasia, while lateral SCD syndrome is associated with chronic otitis media and cholesteatoma, with or without audiological and vestibular symptoms.
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AdviceALWAYS H83.8
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