congenitaal cyste van larynx (aandoening)
congenitaal cyste van larynx
congenitale larynxcyste
aangeboren cyste van strottenhoofd
Congenital laryngeal cyst
Congenital cyst of larynx
A rare larynx anomaly with a cyst involving the larynx or supraglottis locations, such as the epiglottis and vallecula. Timing and severity of presentation depend on the size of the cyst and its proximity to the glottis and range from severe prenatal airway obstruction leading to polyhydramnios and pulmonary hypoplasia to postnatal inspiratory stridor associated with muffled cry, hoarseness and cyanotic episodes, feeding difficulties and failure to thrive. It can be associated with laryngomalacia.
Associated morphologycyste
Finding sitestructuur van larynx
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AdviceALWAYS Q31.8
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