congenitaal coloboom van bovenooglid (aandoening)
congenitaal coloboom van bovenooglid
congenitaal coloboom van palpebra superior
congenitaal coloboom van bovenste ooglid
Coloboma of superior eyelid
Superior palpebral coloboma
Coloboma of upper eyelid
A rare developmental defect during embryogenesis with a typically unilateral, partial or full-thickness, variably sized defect of the superior eyelid, ranging from a small notch to complete absence of the entire lid, which is commonly triangular in shape (with base at eyelid margin) and located on the medial third of the lid. It can occur isolated, associated with other anomalies (e.g. ocular/orbital and facial), or as part of a syndrome.
Associated morphologyfusiedefect
Finding sitestructuur van palpebra superior
Pathological processproces van pathologische ontwikkeling
DHD Diagnosis thesaurus reference set
RIVM authorized national diagnosis thesaurus to ICD10 complex mapping reference set
TermOverige congenitale misvormingen van ooglid
SNOMED CT to Orphanet simple map155884
SNOMED CT to ICD-10 extended map
AdviceALWAYS Q10.3
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