syndroom van renale tubulopathie met encefalopathie en leverfalen (aandoening)
syndroom van renale tubulopathie met encefalopathie en leverfalen
renale tubulopathie-encefalopathie-leverfalen-syndroom
Renal tubulopathy with encephalopathy and liver failure syndrome
Describes a spectrum of phenotypes with manifestations similar but milder than those seen in GRACILE syndrome and that can be associated with encephalopathy and psychiatric disorders. The prevalence is unknown, several cases have been described, presentation is variable. Most of the characteristics of GRACILE syndrome are present but they are often less severe. Signs of disturbances in iron metabolism have been described. Most infants die during the neonatal period. In those who survive, encephalopathy and psychiatric disorders have been described. This disease is due to different mutations in the BCS1L gene (2q35) encoding a protein essential in the assembly of complex III in the mitochondrial respiratory chain. Inherited autosomal recessively.
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