citrullinemie type II (aandoening)
citrullinemie type II
Citrullinemia type II
Adult onset type 2 citrullinemia
Adult onset citrin deficiency
A severe subtype of citrin deficiency characterized clinically by adult onset, recurrent episodes of hyperammonemia and associated neuropsychiatric symptoms such as nocturnal delirium, confusion, restlessness, disorientation, drowsiness, memory loss, abnormal behavior, seizures and coma.
DHD Diagnosis thesaurus reference set
RIVM authorized national diagnosis thesaurus to ICD10 complex mapping reference set
TermStofwisselingsstoornissen van ureumcyclus
SNOMED CT to Orphanet simple map247585
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AdviceALWAYS E72.2
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