maxillonasale dysplasie (aandoening)
maxillonasale dysplasie
syndroom van Binder
maxillonasale dysostose
Binder syndrome
Maxillonasal dysplasia syndrome
Maxillonasal dysplasia
Maxillonasal dysostosis
A rare developmental anomaly, affecting primarily the anterior part of the maxilla and nasal complex. Affected individuals typically have an unusually flat, underdeveloped midface, with an abnormally short nose and flat nasal bridge, underdeveloped upper jaw, relatively protruding lower jaw and/or a 'reverse overbite' (or class III malocclusion). Hypoplasia of distal phalanges of fingers was reported in some cases. The pathogenesis remains uncertain, most reported cases were sporadic.
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TermOverige gespecificeerde congenitale misvormingen van schedel- en aangezichtsbeenderen
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AdviceALWAYS Q75.8
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