congenitale herpesvirus-infectie (aandoening)
congenitale herpesvirus-infectie
Congenital infection caused by Herpes virus
Congenital Herpes virus infection
A group of anomalies that may result from maternal infection and subsequent fetal infection with the Herpes virus. The virus causes recurrent cutaneous infections in adults, often involving the lips or the genitalia. Herpes infections in other organs, such as the liver or central nervous system, are less frequent. Pregnancy complications including preterm delivery, intrauterine growth retardation, and neonatal infection have been attributed to the Herpes virus. Exposure of the fetus to Herpes virus at the time of delivery carries a serious risk of infection for the newborn.
Causative agentfamilie Herpesviridae
Pathological processinfectieus proces
DHD Diagnosethesaurus-referentieset
referentieset met complexe 'mapping' naar ICD-10
AdviceALWAYS P35.2
CorrelationSNOMED CT source code to target map code correlation not specified