lichenoïde contactstomatitis door tandheelkundige materialen (aandoening)
lichenoïde contactstomatitis door tandheelkundige materialen
contactlaesie van orale mucosa
contactlaesie van mondholte
galvanische laesie van cavitas oris
Galvanic lesion of oral cavity
Oral galvanic lesion
A lesion as a result of galvanic current in the oral cavity due to the presence of two or more dissimilar metals in dental restorations that are bathed in saliva, or a single metal restoration and two electrolytes, saliva and pulp tissue fluid, thus producing an electrolytic cell and an electric current. When such restorations touch each other, the current may be high enough to irritate the dental pulp and cause sharp pain. The anodic restoration or areas of a restoration are subject to electrolytic corrosion.
Associated morphologyafwijkend weefsel
Finding sitestructuur van cavitas oris
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AdviceALWAYS K13.7
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