structuur van pelvis van romp (lichaamsstructuur)
structuur van pelvis van romp
regio pelvis trunci
bekkengebied van romp
bekkenregio van romp
Structure of pelvic segment of trunk
Structure of pelvic segment of trunk including false pelvis
Structure of pelvic region of trunk
Pelvic segment of trunk
This segment relates to the volume of the trunk that is bounded superiorly by and includes: superiorly the boundary of the false pelvis, which is an artificial plane from the symphysis pubis to the superior iliac crests (in front it is incomplete, presenting a wide interval between the anterior borders of the ilia); and inferiorly the perineum and external genitalia. The volume includes the entire transverse thickness of the body over the longitudinal extent between these upper (superior) and lower (inferior) boundaries including the overlying muscles, skin and subcutaneous tissue. The segment includes the volume of the true and false pelvic cavities including the bony pelvis and pelvic wall and the entire perineum and external genitalia. Note, the entire bony pelvis is included within the pelvic segment (but is excluded from the abdomen proper segment of trunk); however the pelvic segment of trunk and the abdomen proper segment of trunk both include the volume of the false pelvis.
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