veneus thoracic-outletsyndroom (aandoening)
veneus thoracic-outletsyndroom
veneus TOS
Venous thoracic outlet syndrome
Paget Schrotter disease
Venous cervical rib syndrome
Effort subclavian vein thrombosis
A form of thoracic outlet syndrome that manifests as unilateral (rarely bilateral) arm pain and cyanosis. The disease occurs in young adults, usually after excessive arm activity. The characteristic symptoms, caused by venous obstruction, are arm swelling, cyanosis and pain. Repetitive arm motion and compression of the subclavian vein in the neck (between the clavicle and the first rib) leads to scar tissue that can predispose to thrombosis due to narrowing of vessels.
Associated morphologycompressie
Finding sitestructuur van vena subclavia
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