epileptische aanval met focaal begin met emotie (bevinding)
epileptische aanval met focaal begin met emotie
focaal emotioneel insult
Focal onset emotional epileptic seizure
Focal emotional seizure
Focal-onset emotional epileptic seizure
Focal onset emotional seizure
An epileptic seizure originating within networks limited to one hemisphere presenting with an emotion or the appearance of having an emotion as an early prominent feature, regardless of whether aware or with impaired awareness. Some of these phenomena are subjective and must be recalled and reported by the individual. Emotions involve fear, anxiety, agitation, anger, paranoia, pleasure, joy, ecstasy and other emotions. The seizure also encompasses affective manifestations with the appearance of emotions occurring without subjective emotionality, such as gelastic (laughing) or dacrystic (crying).
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AdviceALWAYS G40.1
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