myoklonische epileptische aanval met focaal begin (bevinding)
myoklonische epileptische aanval met focaal begin
lokalisatiegebonden myoklonisch insult
myoklonisch insult met lokalisatiegebonden begin
Focal onset myoclonic epileptic seizure
Focal-onset myoclonic epileptic seizure
Focal myoclonic seizure
Focal onset myoclonic seizure
An epileptic seizure consisting of sudden, brief (less than 100 milliseconds) involuntary single or multiple contraction(s) of muscles(s) or muscle groups of variable topography (axial, proximal limb, distal) at the onset, originating within networks limited to one hemisphere, regardless of whether aware or impaired awareness. Myoclonus is less regularly repetitive and less sustained than is clonus.
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AdviceALWAYS G40.1
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