arterieel ischemisch cerebrovasculair accident op kinderleeftijd (aandoening)
arterieel ischemisch cerebrovasculair accident op kinderleeftijd
arterieel ischemisch CVA bij kind
arterieel iCVA bij kind
arterieel herseninfarct op kinderleeftijd
Pediatric arterial ischemic stroke
Childhood arterial ischemic stroke
A rare neurologic condition characterized by focal cerebral ischemia and infarction due to blockage of a brain artery with subsequent impairment of blood supply and oxygenation of brain tissue. Most children present with hemiparesis with or without facial palsy at stroke onset. In addition, compared to adults, children more often suffer strokes in the posterior circulation, leading to ataxia or oculomotor disturbance. Likewise, aphasia is more frequent in pediatric patients. Other signs and symptoms include seizures, headache, vomiting, and alterations in the level of consciousness. Children under one year of age are more likely to present with seizures and altered level of consciousness, while older children more often show focal neurological deficits.
Due toischemie
Associated morphologyinfarct
Finding sitestructuur van encephalon
DHD Diagnosis thesaurus reference set
RIVM authorized national diagnosis thesaurus to ICD10 complex mapping reference set
TermCerebraal infarct, niet gespecificeerd
SNOMED CT to Orphanet simple map439175
SNOMED CT to ICD-10 extended map
AdviceALWAYS I63.5
CorrelationSNOMED CT source code to target map code correlation not specified